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Sewing Edge

$9.95 USD

Easier, Accurate Sewing! Great for anyone who wants to sew more easily and get perfect results.

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Sew faster, easier, and keep your precision! These vinyl strips replace masking tape and moleskin with a repositionable stop that doesn’t leave sticky residue. The thickness creates an edge that guides the fabric in front of the foot. Sew with confidence everytime! To see sewing edge in use, check out these videos!

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.25 × 0.063 in

1 review for Sewing Edge

  1. Kelly M

    I was having a nice conversation with someone I didn’t know while I was cutting fabric for her.  We must have been talking for at least 15 minutes when out of the blue she asked me “What is your favourite notion?”  Without pausing even a second I walked over and picked up your Sewing Edge and small triangle for placing the tape!  I told her that there is absolutely no reason that the “1/4″ seam should be a variable”!  She bought both.  As I was checking her out and asked her name, I realized that she is a very experienced quilter who had written a book that I just love.  She specializes in small blocks in her quilts.  Very refreshing to know that no matter how “experienced” we are, we all like the tools that make our jobs so much easier!!!

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