Ooops, we’ve made a couple mistakes!

Here are the updates:

Here at Quilt with Marci Baker we strive to give you the best results possible so that you can finish your quilts with success. We have testers go over the patterns in our books to make sure they are right.

Sometimes however, an error is not noticed, so that is what this page is dedicated to updating the instructions in our books. If you find any changes that are not listed please call us at 970-224-1336 or contact us.

The RED fonts below are the MISTAKES.  The BLUE font is the CORRECTION.


ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks… and More!

Pattern: A Thankful Harvest

Location:  Page 24, Figure 3 (bottom of page)

Correction: Add 4 3/4″ rule line for 2 1/2″ half-hexagons.  Change 2 1/2″ Half-Triangles (no tip) to 2 3/4″ Half-Triangles (no tip).

Pattern: Honeycomb Waffle

Location:  Page 52, Figure 5 (bottom of page)

Correction: Change 5 strips, 4 1/2” x FW to 5 strips, 5” x FW. Change 10″ Trapezoids to 9 3/4″ Trazepoids. Change 4 3/4” Half-Triangles to 5 1/4″ Half-Triangles.

Pattern: Off to College

Location: Page 60, Figure 3 (top of page)

Correction: Change Cut Bk: 2 Strips, 7″ x FW, 4″ Half-Hexagons to Cut Bk: 2 Strips, 11 1/2″ x FW, 4″ Half-Hexagons, 7 3/4″ rule line. If the 7″ strips have already been cut then cut the pieces as shown in the steps and have the 7 3/4″ rule line aligned. Use the other half, which is too small as the pieces that otherwise would have been cut in half, in Figure 4.


Pattern: Roll of the Dice

Location: Page 72 – 73

Correction: For Light, Medium, Dark fabrics instead of FW, always use 1/2W (20+”) strips.
Pattern: Tumblers for the Table


Tumblers for the Table

Location: Page 89

Yardage Chart for Table Runner – Light, Medium, Dark should all be (2) 1/4 yd ea.   Cut Strips table for the Table Runner – Light, Medium, Dark should all be 2 ea.
Figure 1, Table Runner:  Change 2 FW to 1 FW of each of two combinations.


oh-my-starsOh My Stars!

Pattern: My Hero

Location: Page 68, The Cut Shapes section

Correction: 2″ Right, the cuts should be opposite on the diagram starting bottom left and moving diagonally top right instead of starting top left and moving diagonally bottom right.


Pattern: Pretty In Pink

Location: Page 84, Fabric Yardage section

Correction: For the S Star change 1 yd to (3) 1 yd ea.  Right below the Cut Strips chart, remove the sentence: Cut all of these strips into 1/4 W.


Pattern: City Lights

Location: Page 46

Correction: Cutting instructions for building, sky, and ground pieces. Long diamonds are cut like diamonds (page 112) aligning the larger measurement along the cut edge of the fabric. Illustrations show angles cut for right (R). Cut left (L) by having fabric wrong-side up. Trapezoids and half-trapezoids (ground pieces) are cut following instructions on page 112. The half trapezoids are cut at 10″ and then cut in half to get both a L and a R.

City Lights Outline This is the pdf for a larger version of the outline of the city lights. It really helps with the placement of the shapes at the top of the design.


not-gmas-log-cabinNot Your Grandmother’s Log Cabin

All corrections are for the First Printing only. All changes were made in the second printing which can be found noted on the copyright page. The second printing also has a silver medal on the cover.

Pattern: Frost

Location: Page 73, Diagram B and Diagram BR

Correction: Change the 12 of to 6 of.   Diagram D change the 12 of to 10 of.


Pattern: Mexican Star

Location: Page 83, Diagram C

Correction: Change the diamond shape in the upper tip to 2 1/4″ instead of 2 1/2


For the next 3 corrections, stickers with the corrections were put in most of the First Printing books. So if your copy has stickers on these diagrams, you do not need to make any changes.

Pattern: Painted Desert

Location: Page 93, Diagram C

Correction: Change the strips so letters “L” become “R” and the “R” becomes the “L” strips


Pattern: Shield

Location: Page 95, Diagram C

Correction: Change the strips so letters “L” become “R” and the “R” becomes the “L” strips


Pattern: Will O’ Whisp

Location: Page 107, Diagram C

Correction: Change the strips so letters “L” become “R” and the “R” becomes the “L” strips


doubledipityDoubledipity: More Serendipity Quilts

Pattern: Tambourine

Location: Page 65

Step 1. Cut for one block:
Step 5. Change flat pyramid from 31/2” strip to 31/4”


Pattern: Swan

Location: Page 75

Correction: Make the following changes to the chart

1. 6 center* 47/8 triangle
2. 12 dark 21/8 triangle
3. 12 medium 31/2 triangle
4. 6 dark 47/8 triangle

Directions: 2. Change (need 18 for one block) to (need 24 for one block) take out 31/2” and (need 12 for one block) change From these make strips (A) and (B) as shown to From these make strips (A)


Pattern: Sara’s Simple Layout

Location: Page 95

Correction: To Square Off the Top, change 6 3/4″ x 3C” to 6 3/4″ x 3 7/8″