Experiences with Sewing Edge

In the 7 years that I have been demonstrating Qtools Sewing Edge, every now and then I have someone who tells me they were not happy with the results because it did not stick for very long. After asking a few questions, we realize that they thought the full strip was supposed to be placed along side the foot and covering several surfaces. Fortunately, I am able to explain that they need to cut the strip down to a size that works best for their machine. A small piece on the bobbin cover is usually sufficient. By the end of our discussion I am giving them another package to try the product again.


Another issue that has arisen is that the original glue has dried out over time. Over a year ago we worked with 3M application engineers to get a better product that will last even longer. The glue has an even stronger adhesive and we are producing shorter runs to keep the product fresh.  This has required a couple of fast turn around times for packaging. This summer just before heading out for a 10-day family vacation, my husband, myself, and our two sons stood around the kitchen island packaging 5000 packs of Sewing Edge because our regular team was unavailable on the short notice. I would not ask my family to help with this if it was just about the sale of a product. Rather, I stand behind the product and know that it can make a big difference in how successful quilters are.

With that in mind, if you happen to have tried Qtools Sewing Edge and had a problem with how it worked, please write to us.  Let us know what issues you had. We will give you another chance to see how great this product is for making your sewing that much easier.


Enjoy your quilting,


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