Trimming “Dog Ears”: Is it worth it or a waste of time?

When working with different angles such as 45 and 60 degree, there are points that stick out past the seam allowance that are often called “dog ears”. I refer to them as ears throughout this article. These points happen when … Read More

Repairing Seams

Previously we talked about seams pressed to one side vs. seams pressed open. We saw that both seams break if stressed too much. I’ve had customers ask how to repair seams that you can no longer get to from the back … Read More

A New Hollow Cube Quilting Design

Question: This is a quilt top that I started at the workshop last year that Marci taught for Quilter’s Anonymous Guild. I am a new quilter. Any suggestions on how to quilt it? I don’t want to use the method … Read More

Making a Quilt Design to Fit a Specific Bed Size

Method 1: Use the same central design and increase the border size.   Method 2: Increase the size of the blocks to better fit the mattress.   To achieve this, you’ll need to adjust the following numbers listed in the … Read More

Using Startie-Stoppies Saves Time to Make More Quilts

A Startie-Stoppie is scrap fabric attached at the end of sewing which then becomes the beginning for the next section allowing continuous chain piecing.

The Magic of Startie-Stoppies

We have had some great responses to the suggestions on Startie-Stoppies. Here are some of the responses we have received:   From Charlotte: I have used these for years. When they were taught to me they were called “thread garages.” … Read More

Seams Pressed Open? Could be a nightmare!

Is there a big difference between quilt seams that are pressed open and those pressed to one side? Let me show you what I found. If you have not given it much thought, here are the pros and cons that … Read More

Mitered Corners for Quilt Binding: Don’t Miss the Point!

  “I have watched your videos (Binding for different angles) and… am wondering if you have any tricks for sewing to the marked “X” on the angle. It is underneath the binding so it is not readily visible.  I am currently … Read More

Make Your Log Cabin Quilt Design a King Size Quilt

Enlarging your favorite quilt design to king and queen bed sizes is a great way to bring your creativity into the home, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular customer question topics here at Quilt with Marci Baker! … Read More

How to Cut Fabric That’s Larger Than Your Ruler

It is a common challenge, while enlarging quilt block sizes, to cut fabric that is larger than your triangle ruler. Let’s walk through some ways to make this possible!   These examples are from the post How to make your … Read More

Hollow Cube – One Block Wonder

What amazing designs we have seen through the years with inspiration coming from ancient to modern artist’s work. In Big Book of Building Block Quilts, Sara Nephew designed and wrote instructions for Hollow Cube. Her quilts and instructions inspired Maxine … Read More

5 Tips for Great Rotary Cutting!

Rotary cutting is a fantastic way to make your quilting quicker, more accurate, and more enjoyable.  Here are five tips to help you cut successfully right away!   1. The Importance of Using the Right Tools Mats:  In working with … Read More

Example Problem with Multi-Angled Corners

While teaching on a cruise in the North East, I met Fawn, a quilter from the North West. We had a great time sharing our stories about quilting and nursing, her profession, and my past hip replacement. Recently, as she … Read More

Foundation Piecing Techniques, A Brief History

Ruth, one of my students in the class at Eddie’s Quilting Bee, had some questions about Foundation Paper Piecing for me.  She said that she has seen designs that she liked in store and magazines, but was intimidated because she … Read More

Picking the Right Fabrics

Here in Bellingham, Washington, Sara Nephew, Susan Simono (my office manager) and I are busy with one of our days of teacher certification, with 6 of our teachers and Ruth, one of our veteran teachers from the Los Angeles area. … Read More

Creating the Right Background

I hope that you find these blog postings helpful in finding the best ways to quilt! Here is an answer to another customer’s question. She has pieced and is now quilting Space Crystal 2 from Big Book of Building Block … Read More

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