Mitered Corners for Quilt Binding: Don’t Miss the Point!


“I have watched your videos (Binding for different angles) and… am wondering if you have any tricks for sewing to the marked “X” on the angle.

It is underneath the binding so it is not readily visible.  I am currently putting a pin from near the tip to the X in hope of consistently getting that spot, but find that it is often still not spot on.  Do you have any other tricks to getting that spot?

Thanks,  Kathy C.”


This is a great question about finding that point!  I know exactly what you mean about how it’s tough to get that spot consistently.  Here are four steps to help you find that point perfectly every time!


  1. As I get close to the corner, within 2″ or so, I lift up the binding and put the tip of a pin in at the point, with the shaft of the pin perpendicular to the edge that I am sewing.  Then I put the binding down and sew slowly to just before the point.
  2. I actually do not sew to the point, because, like the scant seam allowance, we need room for the fabric to fold around the point to make the miter. If the fabric is stitched down exactly on the point it will not fold around neatly at the corner and therefore creates a tuck.
  3. So when I am just before the point, the pin is sticking out to the side under my presser foot, but in front of the needle, I stop with needle down, lift the presser foot, and pivot the work so I can then sew to the corner, staying just to the right of the line that will create the miter.
  4. For the folding of the fabric for the miter, the stitching gets me close, but I align the fabric as needed rather than relying on the stitching to be perfect.


Watch the detailed video to see how I sew up to the corner and create the miter.


Thanks for the great question!



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