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What amazing designs we have seen through the years with inspiration coming from ancient to modern artist’s work. In Big Book of Building Block Quilts, Sara Nephew designed and wrote instructions for Hollow Cube. Her quilts and instructions inspired Maxine Rosenthal to include some of these blocks in her own quilts and her own book, One Block Wonder. However, the sizes of triangles do not match. I’ve determined a set of measurements that will allow you to make the triangles fit either way.


ABC-hc bethany schmidtTo respect each author’s rights to their work, please purchase both designs if you are blending them together. I’m sure you will find even more inspiration from their beautiful quilts in their books.


Referring to their instructions, the following changes can be made to make them fit each other.


To make One Block Wonder triangles match Sara’s Hollow Cube, replace any mention of 3¾” with 4½”. Depending on your repeats, this may require more fabric to get 6 repeats. However, the hexagons will be larger so fewer will be needed to make a similarly sized quilt. Use larger prints to allow for the larger pieces.


To make Sara’s Hollow Cube match 3¾” strips used in One Block Wonder, on page 24 in Big Book of Building Block Quilts, wherever one of the following numbers is used, replace it with the corresponding number in the following table.

Replace this number With this number
1¼” 1”
3” 2¾” for individual triangles, leave at 3” for strips sewn together.
3¾” 3¼”
4½” 3¾”


Thank you for your interest in these author’s designs.


Enjoy your quilting!


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